Royal lubricant being the most trusted brand among vehicle owners, and vehicle maintenance team and engineers helps to minimize friction by reducing contact between components. It keeps auto parts clean, cool and seal. Its royal smoothness your vehicle to protect against corrosion. As its name depicts it is of Royal quality in performance. Royal lubricant is for those people who wish to use premium brand at affordable price. Blended in Nepal, Royal lubricant improves life span of your vehicle and always keeps your vehicle at optimum level.


• Minimize Friction.
• Clean and healthy engine
• Cool.
• Seal.
• Dampen Shock.
• Protect Against Corrosion.
• Transfer Energy.


• Longer life of Vehicle
• Smooth performance, save money
• Promote Nepali product
• Prevents expensive parts breakdown


Magic Engine Oil
Magic Mobike Oil
Magic Gear Oil
Magic Brake Oil
Magic Coolants
Magic Grease
Magic Hydraulic Oil