Magic Lubricants, brand of Fujima Oil Co. Ltd. offers high quality liquid engineering for any kind of automobile. Magic lubricants stands higher in among customer’s choice. With its market presence from Mechi to Mahakali of Nepal, it is highly trusted brand among service engineers. Magic Lubricants adds value to any vehicle by increasing durability, reliability and performance in any kind of road condition and environment.


• Minimize Friction.
• Clean and healthy engine
• Cool.
• Seal.
• Dampen Shock.
• Protect Against Corrosion.
• Transfer Energy.


• Longer life of Vehicle
• Smooth performance, save money
• Promote Nepali product
• Prevents expensive parts breakdown


Magic Engine Oil
Magic Mobike Oil
Magic Gear Oil
Magic Brake Oil
Magic Coolants
Magic Grease
Magic Hydraulic Oil