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Royal AP3 Grease

Royal AP3 Grease


Royal AP3 grease is a prime quality lithium base grease. It is manufactured with high quality base oils and selected additives. It is has an excellent mechanical stability, which ensures a long life; even maintains good pump ability in cold weather. Its especial chemical additives enhance oxidation resistance. It is specially inhibited against rust and corrosion and has superior resistance to the washing out action of water.


Royal AP3 Grease is a true multipurpose grease as it is suitable for applications found throughout the industry, such as electric motor bearings, fan bearing, pump bearings and other plain and anti-friction applications. Its pump ability makes it especially suitable in centralized grease systems, even at low temperatures. It is a multipurpose grease covering a wide variety of moderate service applications in passenger cars and other automotive vehicles, industry, farm tractors, machinery and appliances.


  • Minimized leakage and premature softening of the grease due to mechanical and oxidation stability.
  • Outstanding rust and corrosion protection.
  • Protects against rust even during storage.
  • Good water resistance therefore will not wash off during application.
  • Excellent sealing feature protects equipment operating in dusty or wet conditions.
  • Substantial load carrying capacity.


Particulars ASTM Result
Soap Type Lithium
Structure Smooth
Penetration, Worked ASTM D217 230
Dropping Point, ºC ASTM D2265 202
Base Oil Viscosity, cSt at 40ºC ASTM D445 150
Water Washout Test IP 220 0-0
Colour Light

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