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Gear Fluid

Gear Fluid Fujima Lubricants


Gear Fluid is highly moderate quality gear and transmission lubricant suitable for use in light equipments. It is formulated from the finest solvent refined based stocks & extensively proven EP additives.

Gear Fluid is a composition of high viscosity index base oils and a balanced extreme pressure additive package designed to prevent scuffing and scoring of gears in moderate speed and torque operation. It is a highly stable blend and a mild EP does not attack the synchromesh systems of gearboxes. Further additive treatment enhances oxidation stability and gives excellent protection against rusting, corrosion and foaming.


Gear Fluid is moderate duty gear oil for the most severe operating conditions. It has an extended range of applications in the transport,earthmoving and construction industries. It can be used with confidence for the service fill of hypoid,spiral bevel,spur and double reduction gear units,constant of synchromesh gearboxes,transfer boxes etc., suitable in the most severe operating conditions. It meets and exceeds the requirements of API-GL-3.


  • Formulated for automotive high-speed operation.
  • Excellent lubrication without channeling at low temperature.
  • Prevent against corrosion.
  • Superior protection against wears.
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability even at elevated temperature.
  • Provides protection against rust.
  • Prevents scoring and scuffing of gears even in extreme operation conditions.


SAE Viscosity Grade 90 140
Specific Gravity @ 15˚C 0.898 0.927
Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 40˚C 205 442
Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 100˚C 19.2 30.2
Viscosity Index 98 93
Flash Point COC, ˚C 185 198
Pour Point ˚C -11 -11